UK plc wastes millions on training

Speaking at the annual Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development conference in Harrogate, Marcus Buckingham, global practice leader at Gallup and co-author of First Break all the Rules, told delegates UK organisations were seeing their human capital depreciate to a staggering degree.

Disengaged employees cost UK plc between Pounds 39m and Pounds 48m a year. Moreover, employees tend to be come less motivated and engaged the longer they stay at an organisation.

‘We are in fact, systematically mismanaging our employees. We don’t engage them when they join our organisations and, bizarrely, the longer they stay with us the less engaged they become,’ Buckingham argued.

‘For most employees, their first year with you is their best and from there it’s all downhill. The longer an employee is with a company, the more likely it is that they become unclear about expectations and whether or not thecompany actually cares about their welfare and development,’ he went on.


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