HMRC to do sums on self assessment forms

Taxpayers who submit their self-assessment tax returns by 30 September will
have their calculations done by HM Revenue & Customs’s staff.

Nine million people are due to complete a self assessment tax return and the
payment deadline for these taxpayers is the 31 January.

HMRC has promised that anyone who submits their return by 30 September will
know how much they have to pay in time for the deadline.

HMRC’s director of self assessment, Mike Shipp, said: ’Filing your self
assessment tax return by 30 September means you can sit back and relax, while we
do the calculations. Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for calculating how much
tax you owe, and getting it wrong could lead to interest being charged on any
underpaid tax.’

Shipp said all employees within the self assessment system should now have
all the information they need to file their returns.

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