Contractors offered IR35 review

Link: IR35 area

Qdos Consulting and anti-IR35 group Shout99 are offering a new facility called ‘Out of the Box’ for those contractors who were ‘caught by IR35 and want to revisit – and possible reclaim the tax – of past years’.

In a statement, Shout99 said since being advised to ‘tick the box and pay up’ many contractors believed they might have been ‘premature in handing over large amounts of tax because they thought the Revenue might think they were “disguised employees” rather than legitimate businesses.’

Steve Greenwell of Qdos Consulting said many people might regret the decision to pay. ‘This new service gives those businesses a second chance to have their situation reviewed – with a greater level of certainty.’

Susie Hughes, managing director of Shout99, said: ‘We know that many freelancers paid the IR35 tax when they were unsure of the situation. This gives them an opportunity to look again at whether or not they should have – with the wisdom and experience of hindsight.’

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