Dragnet gives web control back to SMEs

Aimed at the SME market, Dragnet Site Manager allows businesses to develop the content of their website themselves. The product is part of a new wave of easy-to-use web management tools that let companies add, remove and update pages on their site. Dragnet claims this reduces the need to turn to expensive web developers.

And if a new customer does not want to change its website design, this isn’t a problem, according to director of corporate development Richard Goodley. Dragnet can take a snapshot of the existing site, use the design and integrate its content management tool.

Dragnet, which separated from parent IT company Davidson-Richards in 1999, specialises in working with legacy accounting and CRM software to allow them to interact with websites.

This week’s launch means the company now has both front and back office offerings for SMEs looking to improve their web presence.

‘We already know accounting products very well and this is the next step for us in providing web solutions,’ Goodley told

The company hopes to use its existing reseller channels to sell the product.


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