Baker Tilly administrators of high profile eatery

Two Baker Tilly
accountants have been appointed joint administrators of high profile restaurant
Momma Cherri’s in Brighton, after its owner, Charita Jones, was unable to deal
with mounting costs and debts of £200,000.

The soul food restaurant was one of TV chef Gordon Ramsay’s success
restaurants in his
show, transformed from a poorly run eatery to a popular soul food
restaurant three years ago.

Thousands flocked to the restaurant as a result of the Ramsey-driven demand,
and Jones expanded to a bigger restaurant and grew its staff from 10 to 30 but
after being refused a loan from the bank, she took out smaller loans and
remortgaging her house three times.

Jones told the Daily Mail she was the victim of her own success and
that a higher turnover did not necessarily resolve any debt. ‘We have never been
able to do it comfortably,’ she said.

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