Queen’s Speech promises red tape slash

The government has promised a new bill to reduce the regulatory burden on
businesses in the
this week – Gordon Brown’s first as Prime Minister.

The Monarch promised a new Regulatory enforcement and sanctions bill to
‘reduce the regulatory burden on business’.

It is one of 22 Bills and seven draft bills in the Prime Minister’s
legislative programme.

The new measure will establish a ‘Local Better Regulation Office, bringing
consistency to local authority enforcement.

‘It would put in place a range of administrative sanctions for regulatory
non-compliance that would complement existing criminal sanctions and require
that regulators would no maintain or impose unnecessary burdens.’

The bill would ensure that a priority would be ‘reducing unnecessary burdens
imposed by local authority regulatory services by promoting consistent,
proportionate, effective and risk-based enforcement by trading standards and
environmental health services.’

A National Contributions bill will ‘raise the Upper Earnings Threshold for
National Insurance Contributions to align with the higher rate threshold for
income tax and introduce the Upper Accruals Point for the State Second Pensions
in 2009.”

It will also implement the Budget 2007 commitment to ‘modernise the personal
tax and benefit system, offering more support for work, families and

The Speech also rejected the possibility of a referendum on the new European
Reform Treaty saying that as key issues like UK tax matters are protected it
should be ratified like previous treaties by Parliament rather than a popular

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