Taking Stock – District Audit and PwC charity plea.

In a rare combination, Sue Hick from the Truro office of District Audit will be working with Ros Aala of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Plymouth to take a team of eight teenagers from Devon and Cornwall to Bluefields in Nicaragua. The town has been devastated by hurricanes and lacks many of the facilities that we in the UK take for granted. The team will spend three weeks assisting in the construction of a school building. One objective of the expedition is to develop the skills that the teenagers will find invaluable in their future life by exposing them to hard physical labour in the heat of Central America. They will have to use teamwork, determination and not many accounting skills to succeed. The second objective is to provide not only the much-needed school building but also to give encouragement to the Nicaraguan people, half of whom abandon education by the time they reach 14. The third objective is to return to the UK without any incurable souvenirs. Of course, the expedition will cost money, and if the target of £1,200 per person is not reached, the team will simply be unable to go. They desperately need help. To make a donation, contact Sue by e-mail on

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