First ICAEW public tribunal defendant decides against appeal

The first ICAEW member to face a public disciplinary tribunal has not
appealed against his guilty verdict.

Ehsan Malik told Accountancy Age that after a long battle against
the ICAEW, during which time he had offered to quit the institute to avoid a
tribunal, he would not appeal.

‘There’s no point for me. I’d wanted to resign years ago,’ Malik said.

The ICAEW has yet to hold a public appeal hearing since it moved to public
tribunal processes at the start of the year.

Malik, of Ehsan Malik & Co, was
found guilty of failing
to carry out hot file reviews of his audit work.

Malik was fined £5,000 and will have to pay costs of £9,000 and the panel
recommended he be excluded from ICAEW membership for five years.

Hot file reviews involve other firms coming in to look over audits.

Malik had argued that he had not signed off the audits in question, but that
other firms had and his signature had been faked.

The ICAEW investigating committee’s counsel asked Malik why he had not
informed the institute, or Companies House, of the faked signature issues, a
move that Malik said would have been a ‘waste of time’.

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