LITRG releases tax credits advice

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) has released a guide aimed at
helping taxpayers through the process of challenging tax credit overpayment
decisions by HM Revenue & Customs.

Victoria Todd, of the LITRG and author of the guide, said: ‘In the last 12
months I have been involved with cases where overall some £150,000 has been
written off by HMRC after challenge. These sums were originally confirmed by
HMRC as payable, even in some cases after being taken up by an MP.

‘To challenge successfully you have to know the rules and what I have tried
to do is to set out a logical way of approaching the problem. I hope it enables
claimants, who have done everything they could to comply with the rules, to end
up being fairly treated by HMRC.’

The amount outstanding in tax credit overpayments at April 2008 was estimated
to be £1bn.

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