Accountancy Age Exclusive: Accountants embracing the web

The survey found traditional ways of working are being transformed by e-commerce and the internet as well as the services accountants are likely to offer in future.

Other findings from the survey of 1,000 accountants included an internet access penetration increase of 50% year on year to a total of 69% this year.The changes in attitude to technology have been driven by the wave of internet take-up in the business community and a fear they may be left behind their rivals if they do not take part.

The internet will provide new business opportunities according to 64% of respondents. Only 8% saw the web as a threat and 76% saw themselves as likely to provide IT and computerisation advice in the future – with most of those believing it will prove to be a lucrative revenue stream.

Gavin May, general manager of Sage’s professional accountants division, said: ‘The result showed that contrary to reports, accountants have not been slow in taking up and implementing e-based software and are keeping up with other business sectors.’

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