London businesses ill-prepared for terror attack

Half of businesses operating in London do not have a plan in place to deal
with a terror attack or other emergencies, a joint survey by the Confederation
of British Industry and KPMG has found

Only 47% of companies with less than £5m turnover (over 98% of the capital’s
businesses) have a contingency plan, with a further 29% drawing them up, the
latest London Business Survey revealed.

As expected, bigger companies are better prepared, with 56% of firms with a
turnover of £6m – 20m have a plan, rising to 79% for companies with a higher

Rick Cudworth, global service leader for business continuity services at
KPMG, said: ‘Surprisingly, these figures are similar to those of last year – and
would seem to indicate that whilst there is plenty of guidance and help
available in drawing up and testing plans, a proportion of London businesses
still believe that it won’t happen to them.’

Sir Digby Jones, CBI director-general, said: ‘There is a worrying lack of
preparedness revealed by companies who too often believe they won’t be affected.
But whether it is fire, flood, fraud or something more sinister, the need to
have tried-and-tested continuity plans is crucial.’

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