Users told to get proactive on e-security

Management consultant Deloitte & Touche has urged organisations to take a “holistic approach” to e-security in the struggle to protect systems from security breaches and virus attacks.

The company also says companies and individuals should be more proactive.

Yag Kanani, partner responsible for Deloitte’s European Secure ebusiness practice, said: “Hackers are always one, if not two, steps ahead, and placing reliance on one security countermeasure alone, such as a virus scanner, may not be enough.”

Echoing comments made by Martin O’Neill MP, Chairman of the Trade and Industry Select Committee, Kanani warned business leaders to be proactive in employing security countermeasures.

Following international e-security breaches over the past few weeks, business leaders have called on the UK government to step up its plans to deal with e-security matters.

O’Neill acknowledged the government’s key role in preventing attacks, but emphasised the individual’s responsibility in taking the initiative to fight against attacks.

“Government and other agencies are working together closely to combat these threats, but the concept of total control of the internet is a pipe dream, and has serious implications for civil liberties and the open conduct of business,” said O’Neill. “Everyone needs to exercise self-discipline in checking against viruses to minimise the risk to their organisations.”

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