Profile – Peter Hodges, Hacker Young

Fraud specialist Peter Hodges has joined the forensic accounting department at Hacker Young in Manchester.

He considered a legal career, but instead opted for maths, and accountancy followed on. ‘Forensic accounting was an ideal way to combine my inclination toward legal matters with my analytical skills,’ says the senior manager.

Following his involvement in a number of high-profile commercial and personal injury cases, he has already taken responsibility for two substantial personal injury cases at Hacker Young, worth in excess of #2m each. ‘Although I’ve been involved in some extremely interesting cases, like Barlow Clowes, the one that still gets me talking at parties involved the export of goods to Nigeria. We had to deal with black marketeering, money laundering and all sorts of other irregularities,’ says Hodges.

In addition to personal injury litigation work, he will concentrate on commercial actions, business disputes and investigation of white-collar crime. ‘Forensic accountancy will grow in stature and complexity. The world is becoming more litigious and actions are virtually always about money,’ he says.

Hodges gets his kicks by getting his teeth into projects and coming up with the goods. ‘I love getting heavily involved in the nitty-gritty.

It’s great when a potentially insoluble case presents itself and you’re able to find an interesting solution – finding the angle that might not have been obvious to others,’ he says.

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