Drama at ACCA as votes are cast for EGM

Anthony Thomas, one of the two ex-council members behind the egm, opened procedings with a clear acceptance that himself and fellow proposer, Tony Cruse, had lost the vote but criticed the association for failing to answer many of the questions put by proposals in its own 20-page document sent to members.

‘The ACCA has much to think about. I have acted in the best interests of members and I have given all of council a wake up call,’ said, vowing to fight on in bringing more openness and transparency to the way the association is run.Several members offered their support to the Thomas, particularly over the issue of the delegated proxy vote, which has become a running sore in the way voting is conducted.

Under ACCA rules, members can elect to delegate their vote to another member, but many speakers attacked the system as outdated in a modern professional body.Former council member Patricia Carruthers said: ‘If one person receives a significant number (of votes) that person can influence is not determine the composition of council. What matters is that block vote is an outdated and discredited phenomenon.’

Another member, Roger Godin, accused ACCA of ‘smugness’ and welcomed the motion and any efforts to see ACCA put under the magnifying glass.

However, others present defended praised the association and dismissed the motion as irrelevant.

Harold Beardsley followed several members in expressing their annoyance at the calling of an egm and the waste of resources that it had entailed.

ACCA confirmed that an egm costs the membership in the region of £80,000 and this is the third egm that has been brought in the past few years.

Beardsley said: ‘I would rather have spent the £250,000 on something better than coming here and taking about a lot of rubbish.’

Rebel ACCA members defeated at egm

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