New magazine launched for young accountants

Accountancy Age has launched a new digital magazine for young accountants,
Young Professional, which combines the best of web and paper publishing.

To view the first issue of YP click

Designed to fit computer screens, its digital format enables users to search
and archive editions. And with each monthly edition featuring animation, simple
navigation and scores of weblinks to more information, it’s the best way to
access the best career advice.

Four young accountants will share their experiences with YP readers every
month as they face the daily trials and triumphs of working in accountancy and
progressing up the career ladder, providing a yardstick for other young
accountants to measure themselves against.

The candidates come from a range of institutes and backgrounds, covering
practice, business and the charity sector and are all at different stages of
their careers.

‘I hope this project gives young professionals an idea of what they can do
with their accountancy qualification and an awareness of the wide variety of
opportunities that are out there ­ both within accounting firms and also in
industry,’ said Saeed, 26, who is about to enter her final year of training at
KPMG in Liverpool.

The background details of all four accountants are featured in YP, which will
hit the email inboxes of young accountants across the country every month.

It also includes an interview with Zillah Byng-Maddick, who became FD of
off-licence group Thresher before the age of 30. Plus, there’s a glimpse into
what it’s like to work in the music industry.

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