TS asks: what do you dream of?

Friday afternoons are often a time when the old focus on work drifts somewhat, and before you know it you can easily find yourself daydreaming.

Sorry about that, nearly went there. Anyway, before you disappear off to your country estates, and TS returns to its bedsit in Romford, we would just like to tell you what we have been up to this week and offer you the chance to make your dreams come true!

In honour of ChildLine director Justin Irwin, who is quitting his £50k job to make an attempt at the darts world championship, TS wants to hear about your secret ambitions.

Click on this link and post a comment about your burning desires, and the best entry will receive help in achieving this dream in the form of a year’s bursary, sorry did we say year’s bursary, must have been drifting off again. The best entry will receive a bottle of bubbly, courtesy of TS.

Of course, TS shouldn’t really be promoting booze, given that you’re all a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts. That’s according to Priory Group, the runners of the celebrity detox clinic, which is now targeting financial services types. We recommend it as a brilliant place to get some ‘rest’.

Another person who must have been asleep when he concocted his masterplan was former PwC audit manager Arif Mohammed, who has been hit with a 10 grand fine for exploiting his position for profit. Some might say that the entire Big Four have been doing that for years, but not TS.

Talking of thinking ‘outside of the box’ TS received literature this week encouraging accounting firms to be more creative. We’re sure they didn’t have Arif in mind when they wrote this, and it might not be what you initially think, but sometimes it takes very little encouragement and – bang! – you’ll end up with another Enron.

That’s enough for this week, TS is starting to feel quite sleepy.

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