Taking Stock – Institute seeks direction finder.

Over the past few years insiders and outsiders have questioned the direction of the English ICA, but none in quite so apt a tone as TS was recently privy to. When indecision over institute-produced education materials led to a major body blow for the institute earlier this year. With a mass exodus of students north of the border, the path it was taking was question of the day in accountancy circles. When indecision took its toll on the professional body once again, with news of the hike in the statutory audit threshold for small companies, the opinion of the institute was further pondered on. But, when you get into a lift at HQ the last thing on one’s mind should be which direction to go in. Yet, a former member of the institute made an amusing analogy while hopping into mirror-clad lift at Moorgate. ‘The levels are not labelled so you don’t know where to go anymore!’ said the candid accountant. ‘Oh well, it’s a bit like the institute, isn’t it?’ came his afterthought. TS wondered if this could be the root of all the institute’s directional difficulties?

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