Andreasen to fight gagging order

Link: Profile: Marta Andreasen, Personality of the Year

Andreasen was suspended from her post over a year ago after she voiced criticism of the Commission’s accounting procedures, though she has yet to face formal charges.

ÿ The latest row appears to have been triggered by Andreasen’s appearance at an internal audit conference in Amsterdam earlier this month.

Prior to the meeting Commission vice-president Neil Kinnock asked Andreasen in a letter if she intended to speak at the conference. ‘I said yes and then they said I needed to ask for permission to do so,’ she told Accountancy Age. ‘The (Commission) staff regulations speak of a prohibition on publishing. I did not publish anything. They are now trying to use this regulation to say that because I spoke in conference it would be the same as publishing – something which is not true,’ she said.

Andreasen has instructed her lawyers to reply to Mr Kinnock saying that if the Commission had allegations against her they should spell them out. She said she gave no information about the Commission that was not already in the public domain.

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