BASDA fails software provider on euro test

Scala Business Solutions, Coda and Systems Union all received accreditation for their product, confirming their software complies with BASDA euro specifications, with an unnamed company failing.

Meanwhile it is understood a further five companies have applied for testing – with announcements expected during the summer.

‘Coda, Scala and Systems Union are to be congratulated on being the first to have passed this very stringent independent testing programme.

This latest accreditation programme will give users confidence that the claims made by vendors about their level of EMU compliance have been tested and confirmed not only in multi currency conversion and triangulation but also for the even more complex base currency conversion,’ said BASDA chief executive Dennis Keeling.

The new accreditation programme tests whether software can convert from a home currency to the euro. It follows follows the launch of the first test programme in 1998, which tested multi-currency and triangulation.

All companies within the eurozone have to have software installed and ready to go before 1 January 2002, but the conversion process has been known to take three years for larger organisations.

It is likely concerns will increase that some installed software will not work once it is installed.

Keeling warned that the three companies which have passed the testing will have an advantage over their rivals who cannot confirm their packages can convert currencies.

He added: ‘The 26 companies which have passed the first test and the other 270 of our members which have not even passed stage one are likely to witness increasingly concerned customers.

‘Our standard simply requires the software to balance figures after conversion into the euro.’

Meanwhile it is understood traditional Big Five ERP company JD Edwards has not renewed its BASDA membership this year. The company was the only Big Five company not to have received level one accreditation.

Are investors living in wonderland?

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