World Cup disaster awaits some companies

These games are the group matches with Argentina and Nigeria, which take place on Friday 7 June and Wednesday 12 June.

According to Bruce Rossington, of law firm Bevan Ashford, 10% of the UK workforce have admitted that they are prepared to fake illness watch the matches, in addition to the ‘seven million football fans who have already booked time off work’.

Rossington said the consequences for some companies could be ‘catastrophic’.

Even staff who turn up could spend their time phoning World Cup telephone lines or checking the progress of matches on the internet, according to Rossington.

Bevan Ashford said companies should hold a staff meeting as soon as possible to clarify their position regarding acceptable behaviour, and then prominently display these written guidelines.

It also advised using the World Cup as a chance to build relationships within the company, by holding a World Cup lunch.

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