Accountancy Age Big Question: Would You Trust An Accountant In Jeans?

Following the decision by Arthur Andersen to allow casual dress at work, 50% of FDs who responded to this week’s Big Question survey conducted by Accountancy Age with Reed Accountancy Personnel said they would still trust an accountant who wore jeans to work.

Those who would trust a casually attired accountant said the money an accountant could save them was more important than their dress code. Others labelled Andersens’ decision as brave.

‘Accountants in suits are far too uptight, I am sure they would feel more relaxed in their casual clothes,’ said Steve Kendall, FD of hardware distributors GB International.

‘It wouldn’t matter to me at all – you employ someone for their qualifications, skills and experience, not how they dress. Their wearing jeans would not affect my opinion of them at all,’ added David Truelove FD of funeral directors WA Truelove & Son.

However more than 40% of respondents collared the view that the suit was the expected uniform of a profession such as accountancy, while other shirty FDs pointed to the importance of making a good first impression.

‘If standards fall in appearance, the standard of work will diminish in the eyes of the end user. It is treacherous for a profession such as ours and can be likened to doomsday,’ said Nick Rand FD of satellite receiver vendor Link Research. special – Death of the suit?: A guide to office casual

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