Timms takes over at HMRC

Former Treasury Number Two Stephen Timms has returned to the department to
take charge of HMRC.

He comes back as financial secretary to take over the taxation brief vacated
by Jame Kennedy, who is to become minister of state at the slimmed down
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Millionaire chairman of the Guardian Media Group Paul Myners will be elevated
to the peerage to become financial services secretary in charge of the city,
financial services and to tackle the current credit crunch crisis.

A former chairman of Marks and Spencers and Gartmore Investments the
60-year-old is a close friend of Gordon Brown and was one of the few people
allowed to donate to his leadership campaign – to the tune of £12,700.

Mr Timms – previously a cabinet minister as chief secretary to the Treasury –
has been number two at the Department for Work and Pensions until last week’s
government resuffle.

Chancellor Alistair Darling and Treasury chief secretary Yvette Cooper keep
their jobs while European trade commissioner Peter Mandelson – also to be made a
Lord – becomes business, enterprise and regulatory reform secretary in place of
John Hutton who goes to become Defence secretary.

Ian Pearson become Economic Secretary to the Treasury – with a joint
responsibility for DBERR – while new immigration minister Phil Woolas, who will
work mainly for the Home Office, gets a Treasury role because of Customs and
Excise’s role in the new Borders Agency.

Angela Eagle remains exchequer secretary. Former Treasury minister Kitty
Ussher goes to the Department for Work and Pensions.

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