Record revenues for consultants as e-business takes off

The MCA report noted a fifth consecutive year of double-digit growth and arecord income of £3.1 billion, explaining that much of the increase in incomestems from e-business consulting. MCA members claim that over 16% of theirincome came from e-consulting in 1999.

The number of consultants employed by firms associated with MCA rose by 22% on1998 statistics, bringing the figure to 14,742.

Global IT revenues were generally slightly down on those recorded in 1998 due toa decrease in work relating to EMU and Y2K in the UK.

1998 was an exceptionalyear for consultancy given the number of companies seeking advice on year 2000compliance.

The fall in IT consultancy, however, has been offset by the growing demand forconsultancy on issues ranging from project management and marketing to strategy.

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