Avoiders need not apply, says HMRC

Dave Hartnett

Dave Hartnett will become acting chief executive

Last year’s Capability Review by Sir Gus O’Donnell has led to an overhaul of
HM Revenue & Customs’ management structure, with a new non-executive
chairman set to come in, and a chief executive to be appointed.

Dave Hartnett, currently acting chairman, will become acting chief executive
as part of the changes.

A spokesman declined to give any detailed indication of who they were looking
for, saying only: ‘Somebody associated with aggressive avoidance needn’t waste
their time.’

The role may also raise issues over conflicts of interest, since part-time
chairmen often have other directorships, which could create conflicts where the
tax body is investigating linked companies.

‘We would expect somebody who came in from the private sector to make clear
their commercial and private business.

If something was happening in respect of those businesses then [the new
chairman] wouldn’t see that material,’ the spokesman said.

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