Discipline – Lewis manager faces enquiry

Lennox Lewis’s business manager, chartered accountant Panos Eliades, faces investigation by the English ICA over missing tax and national insurance contributions.

Complaints have been filed with the institute by former teachers at the Lennox Lewis College in London, opened in 1995 to help problem children.

Eliades, who was with the British heavyweight champion at his controversial fight last weekend, was sole director of the company which ran the college. It closed last July.

The teachers said they were made redundant to find that they could not claim benefits because tax and national insurance payments had not been handed over, despite being deducted from their wages.

Inland Revenue and Department of Social Security investigators are also understood to be looking at the allegations.

The college taught vocational subjects such as plumbing and music technology.

Lewis is thought to have had limited hands-on involvement. It is now being used as a gym for professional, adult boxers.

Eliades could not be reached at his London practice.

He is not the only accountant to be involved in the furore surrounding the draw declared between Lewis and US champion boxer Evander Holyfield in New York on Saturday night.

Eugenia Williams, the judge who controversially awarded Holyfield more points and the fight, is an accountant from Atlantic City in the US.

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