CIMA to open disciplinaries in July

The new rules enabling this process came into force on 1 February, but delays slowed the realisation of the process. ‘We are hoping that our first disciplinary committee hearing will be in July, but we don’t have a set date yet,’ said Mandie Lavin, director, professional standards.

She explained: ‘The disciplinary committee and the appeal committee will be open to the public the investigation committee will not.’ This is because the institute does not wish to soil members’ names unnecessarily in the case of false accusations.

At the same time, CIMA introduced lay members to the tribunal to represent the public interest which now has a 60% lay membership. There is also a new tribunal investigation and discipline board, and a new body set up for public interest cases.

The first high profile case open to the public could be that of Geoffrey Lansbury, finance director of leisure and construction group Wiggins. However, the case is currently under investigation and CIMA could not comment.


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