Revenue hits back over ‘buckling’ claims

In a letter to the newspaper, Revenue chairman Nick Montagu said the story painted ‘an inaccurate and damaging picture of the Revenue’s success in dealing with change’.

He went on to say that the Revenue was coping remarkably well with delivering and administering new and challenging initiatives and was on course to meet key targets.

Monatgu also rejected the Guardian’s claims that the 10p starting rate of income tax required every taxpayer’s tax code to be altered.

‘That is not true,’ he said. ‘The tax code actually represents the amount of tax-free pay an individual can earn, the 10p starting rate of income tax does not affect this.’

The Inland Revenue has continuously come under fire in the last year. Reports in IT industry paper Computer Weekly in July, claimed the department had lost five million tax records. And earlier this month Montagu clashed with MP Michael Spicer after he suggested that blockages holding back closer working with Customs & Excise were in the top civil servant’s department.


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