IASC publishes incomplete list of backers

The breakdown of the IASC’s financial supporters, including companies, accountancy firms, banks and other international organisations, excluded, however, five backers which preferred to remain unnamed. They gave the IASC no reason for their publicity-shyness.

Corporate backers contributed 56% of the IASC’s budget totalling £12.8m ($18.3m) in 2001, with the Big Five contributing around a third. In total, 188 organisations contributed to the IASC in 2001.

The remaining 14% contribution was made up by central banks, government entities, associations and international organisations, like the Inter-American Development Bank.

IASC trustees, in particular chairman Paul Volcker, have come under increasing pressure to be more transparent, following allegations in the US, that companies had tried to unduly influence the global standard setters.

In a statement Volcker said: ‘The trustees are seeking to broaden the funding sources and reduce proportionately the commitment of underwriters.’

Underwriters are those companies that provided a five-year pledge ranging from $100,000 to $200,000 per year to ensure the IASC’s financial stability from the outset.

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