Entrepreneurs look to TV for funding

Dotcom entrepreneurs Peter and Anne Jenkins took one of the most novel routes to realising their web-based dreams this week and the gamble paid off in the form of £125,000.

Both packed in their steady accountancy jobs a year ago – Peter was group finance director for Regis Business Centre and Anne director of ATC – to concentrate on their e-learning business venture,

But, after a year of hitting brick walls, Peter phoned Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

‘We needed £100,000 to get us to the next stage to build our first set of modules,’ explained Peter. ‘We figured it would be a good idea to go on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? We’re good at answering quizzes. We do our local pub quiz every Tuesday.’

As for it being a sure-fire way of getting that all-important funding?’It’s a pretty risky way of raising cash. The chances of getting on the programme are slim. Then you have to answer a question to be one of the ten contenders. And then it’s fastest finger first,’ says Peter.

And after all that you have to know what type of creature a fieldfare is. Is it A) a bat B) a bird C) a butterfly or D) a beetle?

Thankfully, the Jenkins from Twickenham plumped correctly for B) thereby earning their 15 Tarrant-tinged minutes of fame.

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