Top 50 – World-beating Wilkins

Top 50 newcomer Wilkins Kennedy is thinking big and has set its sights on opening a Falkland Islands office.

The decision to set up shop in the South Atlantic is very much in keeping with a firm that has bounced into 37th place. Managing partner Peter Villa says the rise in fees to #6.8m can be attributed to recent growth, both organic and acquisitional. He said: ‘Each deal we do has to offer added value to the bottom line or we don’t do it.’

In May 1996, a significant chunk of the Barron Rowles Bass partnership came under the Wilkins umbrella, providing a strong insolvency practice based in Egham, Surrey – adding to the specialisms in corporate finance and international services. In October 1997, the specialist LIFFE servicing firm King & Co, based in Kingston, was taken over. This inclusion created a ring of offices surrounding London with practices in Orpington, Amersham and Southend. Villa wouldn’t mind a presence in north-east London either.

But for Wilkins, the most exciting focus is abroad. A large number of recent client referrals have come from the US and Europe, including major companies such as Hermes and the Construct Reason Group. But the most ambitious plan yet is the South Atlantic office – to service the region’s fishing industry.

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