In Brief.

Nearly 60 percent of companies are at risk from unfair dismissal claims because they don’t have a clear policy on Internet usage. Content Technologies warns that staff sacked over inappropriate Internet usage can make unfair dismissal claims. Security consultancy Information Risk Management has warned of the risk poor email security poses to computer networks. It suggests as many as two thirds of UK companies are vulnerable. The Institute of Management has joined forces with the Management Verification Consortium. The merger will make the Institute the largest awards body for management vocational qualifications. EC Harris has completed a two year project managing BT’s £50m office development in Glasgow. It provided development management and project management advice. Research by the Industrial Society reveals that UK employers are failing to encourage their employees to learn new skills. Only one-in-five employees say their directors act as role models, while only one-in-ten say non-executive directors act as mentors. An affiliation between the Greenwich School of Management and the University of Hull has led to a new degree qualification: Doctor of Business Administration. The course is designed for managers who already hold masters degrees. Research conducted by Regus suggests workers should do their homework on countries they visit on business trips, so that they are prepared for cultural differences. For example, a meeting in Finland could involve a trip to a sauna.

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