Taking Stock – Price of picture power for Tories.

Shame on the chaps over at Conservative Central who have deemed their own shadow cabinet such valuable assets we now have to pay for their mugshots.

There we were, mere innocent journalists seeking to update our picture library with new portraits of those of the party great and good and little did we know we walking into a trap. ‘Phone our PR people Flying Colours,’ said central office only to hear we had to pay for publicity shots of the front bench. Pay? Since when did the opposition start charging honest organs like ours for the privilege of printing pics of their leaders?

All we can express is outrage. There’s no way we’ll be paying for pictures of people we elected. Indeed we’ll have to fall on our ageing archive and photographs from a bygone age when Michael Portillo’s hairstyles was not so much a quiff but a veritable tsunami. That’ll teach ’em. Oh, by the way we’ve been asking for an interview with Mr Portillo ever since he was made shadow chancellor. So far with no luck. So please Michael come and talk to us. We’re not dangerous. Really. And we’ll even pay for the picture.

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