Taking Stock – Freebies make May a month to remember.

Cock-ups abound this month. Especially from people who should know better when it comes to dates and figures. Take Accountancy Connections for instance, the agency that supplies some of the best number-crunchers around. Corporate gifts are also supplied by the outfit and TS was happy to take a delivery of a number of calendars. Only we find that May has gone haywire for the Connections people. According to their calendar May has two 11ths, two 18ths and completely omits the 14th and 21st. We’re all using this calendar here, so who knows when you’ll read this. And many thanks to our friends over at the Central Office of Information press office for helping us fill the page this week. One of our inquisitive hacks called up the office last week after receiving a list of expected press releases dated for that day. But to their amazement the office had mistakenly stated a release from the National Audit Office was from the Inland Revenue and said it was due for release a day before it should have been. Instead of trying to spin the situation to their favour the press officer involved admitted point blank ‘it’s been a cock-up’. As is so often said, isn’t honesty always the best policy? We wonder whether the COI is using the Accountancy Connections calendar too.

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