Government gives tax offices pat on the back for ‘excellent public service’

Charter Marks government’s awards for excellent service to the customer. According to a government press release today, they are awarded public services that go that extra mile.

The Revenue winners are Accounts Office Cumbernauld, Birmingham Victoria Tax Office, Dunfermline Tax Office, Employers Helpline (NICO), Glasgow, Enforcement Office, Scotland, Integrated Compliance Unit, FICO, Macclesfield Tax Office, Maidstone 1 Taxpayer Tax Office, Manchester Irwell Tax Office, Merry Hill 1 Tax Office, National Employers Helpline, Norwich 1 Tax Office, St Helens Tax Office, Self Assessment Help line (incorporating the Subcontractors Helpline), Valuation Office Agency – Manchester Group, Valuation Office Agency – South Wales Group and Valuation Office Agency – South West Group.

Four of the offices are collecting their charter marks for the second time.

Dawn Primarolo, Paymaster General said: ‘Inland Revenue staff consistently deliver excellent service to their customers, and today’s announcements show that they are committed to continuing and building on their success.’

The Customs teams awarded Charter Marks are Insolvency Operations at Liverpool, Large VAT Payers Unit, also at Liverpool, Carmarthen Regional VAT Registration Centre, in Wales, The Anglia regional VAT Customer Services Team,Operations – Tariff Classification, a branch of the Tariff and Statistical Office, The Northern Ireland Business Advice Unit, based in Belfast, Business Liaison Team, in Birmingham and Cheadle Audit Centre, in Cheadle.

Dawn Primarolo, Paymaster General said: ‘Collecting tax and classifying goods under the tariff are difficult but essential jobs which receive little public recognition – however without tax there would be no public services such as schools, hospitals and the police, and our society could not function.

‘We depend on the hard working staff of Customs and Excise to carry out these functions with the minimum of fuss and disruption to the businesses who create the wealth we all enjoy in this country.’

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