Brown urged to clarify advisor’s tax status

Gordon Brown faces a grilling in parliament in relation to the tax status of
his most senior City adviser. MPs have been calling for the chancellor to clear
up the grey area surrounding
Ronald Cohen’s
non-domicile position.

After submitting a Freedom of Information request in 2005,
Accountancy Age found that 77,000 individuals
saved £1bn in tax
after benefiting from the loophole which allows the
super-rich tax reliefs on money earnt abroad, while still paying their dues to
the Exchequer on UK income.

The taxman is currently in the middle of conducting a study of the UK’s
non-domicile situation: ‘The review is ongoing,’ a HM Revenue & Customs
spokesperson told The

‘This is a complex area. The chancellor has said that this must be based on
clear principles and, a full understanding of the effect of the current rules on
individuals and their employers.’

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