Essex Fire to share finance IT with Cambridge

Fire Authority
has chosen to collaborate with its Cambridge
counterpart on a new financial IT system.

Essex Fire’s finance team will use Coda’s Dream software, which will be
hosted by the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Fire Authority.

The deal is an example of two authorities working together to create

‘It makes sense for fire authorities to share more systems and infrastructure
as we have many of the same requirements,’ said Steve Truman, project manager,
Essex Fire Authority.

‘Finance is the perfect example and Dream is a system that can easily cope
with our requirements and provide the functionality we are looking for. It is
easy to implement and can be accessed online by users once installed on an
external server at Cambridgeshire’s head office.’

While Cambridge will provide first line support for Essex, Coda will also
offer its helpdesk, database and disaster recovery services.

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