Accountancy fees comparison site launched

A price comparison site on accountants’ fees has been launched opening up the
market to greater scrutiny.

The comparison site, was made live last week and
has already received over 15,000 hits.

The site, which was founded by ex accountant Tom Bishop and website developer
John Ayres, allows businesses or high net worth individuals to log on and
compare accountant fees on a national basis.

Entering the argument over online computing Bishop said: ‘We live in a world
where people don’t need to have an accountant in the same town or city in which
they are working.’

‘Accountants can provide a nationwide service regardless of where they are
based and what this website does is match clients up with those firms charging
what they want to pay,’ he said.

‘It will also mean that London businesses no longer need to pay London
accountants’ rates.’

Bishop believes that this new service could make accountants nervous about
their fee charges but believes the transparency could bring a breath of fresh
air to the industry.

Ayres and Bishop are hoping to launch a similar price comparison site for the
legal profession.

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