Government to streamline local authority transactions

The government has launched an initiative to reach local authority efficiency
targets through improving payments and transactional services of local councils.

The scheme, which is being implemented by Voca, aims to generate at least £2m
in efficiency gains and plans to increase the uptake of automated payments
within councils and reduce errors by 25%.

The use of Direct Debits and BACS Direct Credit will be increased both in
existing application areas and in new ones such as business rates and benefits

Local government minister Phil Woolas said: ‘This project will provide real
and tangible benefits for both councils and those who transact with them.

‘The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has put significant investment into
the local e-government programme, laying the foundations for local government to
learn how new technology can benefit service delivery and deliver efficiency

The project will be supported by nine Regional Centres of Excellence (RCEs)
that are made up of representatives from a cross-section of councils in their

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