Taking Stock – Bad news for budding bands.

Come on all you budding musicians, KPMG is throwing down a challenge.

As part of its Millennium Appeal, the firm’s London office is organising a ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition, all to raise shed loads of money for charity. Trouble is, the organisers have no idea if there’s any talent out there. The Big Five firm’s own Sensational Amanda Harvey Band, which specialises in dodgy cover versions more often heard at wedding receptions, will be leading the charge for the home side, but so far, they are a little short on competition.

Incidentally, the sensational Amanda Harvey was spliced herself last weekend, and guess who provided the musical entertainment? If you know of a band that might make the grade, the hopefuls should e-mail

And KPMG promises that it will not be performing its own international anthem. ?:

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