Taking Stock – Love is the sweetest thing for KPMG.

Not normally known for open demonstrations of affection, KPMG really pushed the boat out on Valentine’s Day with a message of love for clients. Apparently the firm bought up every single packet of Love Heart sweets within a mile of Fleet Street in order to send them out as garish pink mailshots with the words ‘Love Me’ stuck on the front. All very well for the clients, but behind the scenes, KPMG staff are rumoured to be piling on the pounds as only the hearts bearing the magic words ‘Love Me’ were required – leaving the rest to be snapped up by head office. ‘We’ve got desktops awash with unwanted love hearts,’ said an insider. ‘We’re on a permanent sugar rush because we are eating so many.’ TS suggests this would be a good time for clients to try and negotiate their bills.

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