Great North run also facing VAT pinch

Link: Charities face £5m VAT marathon hit

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Customs would charge VAT on the £250 entrance paid by charities to secure ‘golden bond’ entries for runners in this year’s run.

Now charity runners taking part in the Great North Run, which attracts 50,000 athletes (10,000 of them, ‘golden bond’ runners) and other popular races such as the Caledonian Run and the Great Manchester Run, are likely to be hit with a similar charge, The Times reported.

The outcry against what is considered uncharitable behaviour by Customs is growing with charities, MPs and runners called on ministers to change the law on VAT levies on charitable donations. They condemned the tax charge as outrageous and accused the government of profiting at charities’ expense.

The Treasury though is reported to have no plans to change the law.

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