IBM reveals baby boomer services

IBM has unveiled a series of consulting services aimed at helping businesses
prepare for the retirement and potential loss of staff who hold highly-valued
skills and knowledge.

The company said that as the baby-boom generation reaches traditional
retirement age, the services would provide companies with diagnostic tools based
on advanced analytics, strategies and methodologies.

It said that this would help organisations to ‘understand their employee
base, retain employees and transform business processes to cope with demographic
changes and skill shifts’.

Mary Sue Rogers, global leader in IBM’s business consulting services human
capital management group, said that the aging population would be ‘one of the
major social and business issues of the 21st century’, and that companies
worldwide were starting to examine what this meant in terms of skills,
knowledge, and growth.

‘The scale of this age-driven change will alter the way work and knowledge
are managed within companies moving forward. Many companies are taking this
opportunity to evaluate their workforce skills globally, rethink internal
knowledge management, optimise people-based processes, and examine a more
globally integrated business model’, she added.

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