Firms show up on Ken’s interests list

Livingstone, who has easily the longest entry in this year’s of Register of Members Interests, listed the firm not once, but twice as one of the clients of speaking agencies that he worked for.

Others in Livingstone’s list included the Price Waterhouse [sic] and mortgage advisers Chase de Vere.

MPs are required to declare in the register sources of extra income or gifts which they receive so that there can be no suspicion that their parliamentary behaviour is unduly influenced by outside interests.

The register is published every year and is available for public inspection.

Livingstone, previously criticised for under declaring what he earned, declared interests of up to £115,000 for last year. It also included a list of donors to his mayoral election campaign, which spanned three quarters of a page. The largest of these was from millionaire broadcaster Chris Evans.

He did not list any accountancy firm as a direct interest, butdid record one speaking engagement with Insolvency Lawyers.


Livingstone faces budget battle

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