When the editor writes, others stop and listen

Mick James’s editorial in the last issue of Management Consultancy was in overall support of the current and future direction of the IMC.

He is absolutely right that the work the IMC has undertaken since 1996 has been more than a rebranding exercise. There has been a thorough revision of the whole IMC offering.

The proposed name change to the “Institute of Management Consultancy” symbolises the IMC’s commitment to all those involved in management consultancy; not merely individual practising consultants. This does not mean that by building a forum for all stakeholders the IMC is discarding its commitment to standards and professionalism.

Consultants will have access to a more rigorous qualification with the endorsement of an academic body which is portable and internationally recognised.

It will not be the IMC’s only offering. From IMC focus groups of consultant users, it was evident that guidance is needed to find the right consultant – how to source consultants other than from large practices was an issue – and how to manage the client/consultant relationship. Other stakeholders – business schools, MBA students, government and other professional bodies – will also find something new and of value.

As to the possibility of a “turf war” with the Management Consultancies Association, the MCA has clearly defined objectives relating to its role as a trade body. The IMC is not aiming to represent large firms’ commercial interests or to generate work. The new IMC will give a voice to all in the management consultancy sector and offer a uniquely qualified source of consultancy advice.

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