Taxation – Revenue whips up job moves

Predictions of a severe crackdown by the Inland Revenue on large companies, following the introduction of corporation tax self-assessment, has spurred a series of job moves by former Inland Revenue tax officers.

The Revenue’s 16 large business offices have been radically overhauled during the last year, following the last government’s spend-to-save initiative, with tax inspectors placed under increased pressure to boost the tax take from large companies to meet increased target levels. Accountancy firms have tried to counter the Revenue’s actions by bolstering their investigations staff.

But Arthur Andersen was hit by the departure of Bob Evans, deputy head of tax investigations, who quit to set up his own boutique operation with one of the firm’s tax managers.

Ernst & Young has pulled out Chris Oates, a senior officer from the Revenue’s special compliance office in the North-West, to join its team of tax investigators in London. Oates will head the firm’s London office under national director Bob Brown.

He will make up for the loss of Mark Boardman, who quit to join Horwath Clark Whitehill as national director of tax investigations.

In a surprise move, John Gwyer has quit Levy Gee in favour of top 20 rival Pannell Kerr Forster. Gwyer said he preferred the plc audit base at Pannells. He inherits only a small team, which he said will be augmented over the next few months.

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