Revenue fights back over file closures

The Revenue insists it has made a simple ‘business’ decision to put aside the files – called z-ing – because they are incomplete and all avenues to fill in missing information has been exhausted.

All referring to the tax year 1997/98, the files will still be available should more information come to light.

A spokesman for the Revenue said a decision was taken every year to ‘z’ files so that officers could move on to the files of the following year.

The story has attracted much attention in the national press which has left Revenue officials bewildered.

It believes the stories originated with leaked memos to Computer Weekly magazine the language of which, it says, has been misinterpreted.

The magazine claims the number of ‘missing’ records has soared since the National Insurance computerised recording system (NIRS2) was introduced. Its investigation suggests the mistakes could lead to ‘large scale’ losses in the tax take.

But the Revenue spokesman, said: ‘This is routine procedure and it definitely hasn’t been done in secret. We don’t issue press releases for everything we do.’

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