Grey’s Anatomy star’s accountants targeted

The husband of Kate Walsh, one of the stars of hit TV series Grey’s Anatomy,
has gone to court to try and force an accountancy firm into releasing the
couple’s financial records.

Alex Young signed on with London & Co, Walsh’s accountants shortly before
their marriage. The couple then snapped up a multimillion-dollar home and more
than $800,000 worth of valuable furniture and artwork using both their earnings,
according to his petition to the court.

All of the financial records related to the house and payment of bills went
to their Santa Monica-based accounting firm, London & Co which also acted as
their business managers and tax preparers, according to

After he filed for divorce in November 2008 Young said he asked the
accounting firm to provide him with documents and information, primarily about
the house and payment of expenses for the house.

His petition said, ‘London & Co was very slow to respond and it would not
answer certain questions that Mr Young [asked] it about the payment of expenses
and the way that London & Co continued to use Mr Young’s earnings, which
were still being deposited into accounts by London & Co.’

Young and London & Co have already clashed this year after the firm
accused him of pestering it with requests for information. ‘Young is intent on
harassing London, a non-party accounting firm, on the week before the tax-filing
deadline through a series of cryptic, threatening and abusive letters,’ the firm
said in seeking an order of protection.

London & Co told the court it had sent about 3,000 pages of documents to
Young’s attorneys, but, ‘Young’s motive is to compound the stress of tax season
and harass London and its employees.’

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