SAP gives in to online

SAP, the financial software providers, has announced it will provide online
technology applications to run alongside its traditional software in a u-turn
from previous statements that online software was ‘more expensive and riskier’.

‘On-demand is the next stage in applications development, the next stage in
technology – and I think it is important to hear SAP say that the future of the
company is tied to successfully develop and market on-demand. SAP believes in
on-demand and so does the SAP Board,’ said vice president of SAP John Wookey, at
the OnDemand Europe conference in Amersterdam yesterday.

This is a dramatic u-turn for the company as earlier this year president and
chief executive of Americas, Bill McDermott, said online applications were not
yet suitable for larger organisations adding it was currently ‘harder, more
expensive and riskier’ than traditional technology.

McDermott added in the Information Week interview that there could be a
backlash for online or Software as a Service providers from business customers
as ‘disillusionment sets in.’

VP Wookey said SAP would continue to provide its usual software packages but
would now add online modules to expand its large enterprise on demand

The first products are expected to be released in the third quarter of this
year with expense management systems to be rolled out next year.

SAP may have decided to back track on its SaaS stance following falling
profits and increased competition, VNUnet reported.

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