BA switches allegiance to MyAircraft

BA along with online partners American Airlines, United, Delta and Air France, have decided to combine their £32bn procurement budget with three of the world’s biggest aerospace suppliers.

The new site, which will handle up to $75bn worth of business, will be one of the first cross-industry exchanges to bring buyers and sellers together online.

BA’s migration to the site, set-up by United Technologies, Honeywell International and BFGoodrich, comes just a month after BAE Systems and US aerospace giants Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon started trading their $71bn procurement needs on Exostar, a specialist site for the aerospace and defence industry.

A third rival, AeroXchange, is made up of 13 airlines, including Cathay Pacific, Singaporde Airlines and Lufthansa.

BA procurement director Silla Maizey last May said that BA’s exchange would go live by the end of the year, and would slash £180m from the company’s annual £3.9bn purchasing costs within two years.

Analysts have argued that there is only room for one industry wide portal.

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