DTI tackles cyber attackers

Essentially, a denial of service attack occurs when a website is intentionally bombarded with users and as a result crumbles under the weight of internet traffic.

A hack attack is an attempt to get inside the security barrier or firewall of a website to either bring down the site or obtain sensitive information such as personal banking details.

At the weekend two Welsh were arrested and released on bail for an alleged £3m credit card fraud following and investigation by the FBI.

Now the DTI intends to get tough with projects such as the Management of Information programme, which will allow IT and communications companies form partnerships with academics with the aim of developing systems to control fraud and improve security and privacy.

Small business and e-commerce minister Patricia Hewitt said: ‘We have recently seen to devastating effect how hackers can penetrate and disrupt service offered on the internet. These projects will help combat these internet criminals.’

Hack attacks – what they are and how to protect yourself

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